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Valentine’s Day Sweetheart’s Delight

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Here’s a good way to spend some time with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.  Dianne and I like to get together for a light dinner similar to the artesian cheese boards you would get in your typical wine bar.  Basically, the board would include a variety of cheeses, cold cut meats (such as Prosciutto, Salami, etc.), a compliment of fruit (fresh, dried, and sometimes brandied or candied), and some nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.).  With the board, we would have an assortment of crackers and some good crusty French bread.  Pick your favorite wine, J2W wines of course, and you have a light meal for two.  Then let the romance begin.  We have provided a suggested menu below; and by the way, flowers are a good choice to start the festivities but you probably already knew that.

Sweetheart’s Delight

Flowers for your sweetheart


J2W 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, Galleron Road, Rutherford, Napa Valley
Shrimp Scampi (appetizer size) or a small Caesar Salad

Main (Light Meal)

J2W 2010 Pinot Noir, Doctors Vineyard, St. Lucia Highlands, Central Coast (Gold Medal Winner)
Artesian Cheese Board, Select your combinations from the table below


J2W 2009 Sparkling Wine, Two Pisces Blanc de Noir, Sonoma Coast
Hand-dipped Chocolate Strawberries (from your local pastry shop)

Wine & Cheese Pairings

Sauvignon Blanc Cheddar, Sharp; England; Semi-hard
Derby; England, Hard
Grafton Village Cheddar, US Vermont, Hard
Gruyere, Switzerland, Hard
Jarlsberg, Norway, Hard
Neufchatel, France or US, Soft
Sonoma-Jack, U.S., Semi-hard
Smoked Gouda, Holland, Hard
Asiago, Italy, hard
Brie, France, soft
Goat Cheese, US, soft
Grapes, Pears, Raisins, Peaches Apples, and Melons
Dried Fruit
Pinot Noir Ballyoak, Ireland, Semi-soft
Edam, Holland, Hard
Red Leicester, Great Britain, Semi-hard
Aged or Smoked Gouda, Holland, Hard
Brie, France, soft
Camembert, France, soft
Monterey Jack, US, semi-soft
Muenster, US, soft
Port Salut, France, semi-soft
Swiss (Swiss Emmental), US, semi-soft
Comte (Gruyère de Comté), France, Semi-hard
Plums, Berries, Apples, Plums, Strawberries, Peaches
Dried Fruit
Cabernet Sauvignon Banon, France, soft
Beeleigh Blue, Great Britain, Blue
Camembert, France, soft
Cheddar, Sharp; England; Semi-hard
Danish Blue, Denmark, Semi-hard
Grafton Village Cheddar, US Vermont, Hard
Havarti, Denmark, semi-soft
Aged Gouda, Holland, Hard
Colby, US Wisconsin, Semi-hard (“Longhorn”)
Comte (Gruyère de Comté), France, Semi-hard
Plums, Berries, Apples, Grapes, Pears
Dried Fruit