J2W's Premium Grape Vines

J2W's Premium Grape Vines

Our winemaking team pours over many vineyard selections each year before we arrive at what we believe to be the best quality grapes to use in our handcrafted, limited production wines.  The grapes used in production of our wines are meticulously researched and selected from prime California vineyards. 

Our quest for value-based wines includes seeking quality grapes from the best regions for growing that particular varietal; and seeking the unique expression of the wine grower’s talent in the vineyard that makes a wine extraordinary versus just a good wine. 

The information below provides you with some vineyard background data that will help you select that unique expression you are looking for in our wines.

J2 Estate Vineyard, Carneros AVA, SonomaJ2 Estate Vineyard, Carneros AVA, Sonoma
Our new home vineyard is under development. The permit application has been approved by Sonoma County.  We anticipate preparing the land in August 2013 with all the nutrients it needs to produce high quality grapes.  We will then put the vineyard to bed with a cover crop over the rainy season in preparation for planting. Planting is scheduled for April 2014 with several Pinot Noir clones (667, 777, and Calera). Total planted acres will be approximately 4.5 acres. We will provide you with pictures of each stage of development as it happens. We will also provide you a video series on the website during the development of the vineyard to provide you with the step-by-step information needed to get your own vineyard started, either for commercial purposes or a home vineyard. Come on, join in on the fun!

Neal3 Vineyard, St. Helena AVA, Napa ValleyNeal3 Vineyard, St. Helena AVA, Napa Valley
This St. Helena vineyard sits adjacent to Hourglass Vineyard, where Bob Foley does his magic. Like its next door neighbor, Neal3 is planted to the "See" clone an older clone of unknown origin that creates deep, structured wines. The rocky, gravelly soils are extremely well draining and produce small berries on very small clusters. This results in deeply colored wines with sturdy tannic structure. These grapes are used in our Private Reserve blend each year because of their extraordinary characteristics produced by a very talented wine grower in the region.  Yummy!

Ink Grade Vineyard, Howell Mountain AVA, Napa Valley

Ink Grade Vineyard, Howell Mountain AVA, Napa Valley
Mountain fruit is highly sought after these days for its unique characteristics and structure it provides in the resulting wine. East of Calistoga, Ink Grade stands atop the Vaca Range on the eastern side of Howell Mountain. The high elevation causes daytime temperatures to be cooler and evening temperatures to be slightly warmer than the Napa floor. Planted in 1990, Ink Grade stretches across 200 acres of terraced mountainous terrain. The site, planted to a quad trellis, ekes out between 2 and 2.5 tons/acre. The iron rich red clay and decomposed volcanic ash are poor in nutrients and have difficulty retaining water. This combination stresses the vines to produce small berries with deeply structured spicy notes and robust tannins. These grapes were used in the inaugural vintage (2009) of the Private Reserve blend because of those extraordinary characteristics. We looked at property in this area as part of our home vineyard selection process. The Ink Grade vineyard has a fantastic view.

Broken Rock Vineyard, Napa Valley AVA
This 48 acre vineyard is located in Napa on the eastern ridge of the valley near Soda Canyon. Wines from this region seem to have the best of mountainside structure but with the ripe flavors from the valley floor. Planted at over 2,000 vines per acre on extremely low fertility soil this vineyard produces extremely concentrated wines with purple-black color and ripe, dark fruit aromatics. All of the Cabernet Sauvignon is planted to clone 337 on 3309 rootstock and the hillside has a western exposure to ensure plenty of sun. This site is the source of some big name, small production cult wines, and is immediately adjacent to (and farmed twice as well as) a Napa stalwart that is a triple digit crowd favorite.  These grapes were used in the 2010 vintage of the Private Reserve blend. Yummy!

Galleron Road Vineyard, Rutherford AVA, Napa Valley
As in Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc tends to do extremely well where Cabernet grows. Rutherford, in the heart of the Napa Valley, has sustained many of the region's most renowned wineries and produces some incredible Cabernet. The soils are a mosaic of gravelly loam and sand along with volcanic and marine sediments that provide excellent drainage.  With a century of wine growing history in the “Rutherford Dust”, we cannot think of a better vineyard to source high quality Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Doctors Vineyard, St. Lucia Highlands AVA, Central Coast

Doctors Vineyard, St. Lucia Highlands AVA, Central Coast
Marine influenced mornings and afternoon breezes coming off Monterey Bay are the foundation for Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot. We were thrilled to secure fruit from this eastern-facing site that sits near Pisoni Vineyard on the western side of the Salinas River Valley. The 194 acres of Pinot Noir are situated just above the fog line to take advantage of ripening morning sun. Doctor's Vineyard features a variety of clones, spaced at 7' x 10', and planted in sandy-loam top soils with extremely rocky, well-draining subsoils. The loose, nutrient depleted foundation makes vines struggle to produce wonderfully complex fruit flavors with vibrant acidity. We are excited to have this fruit for our inaugural Pinot Noir vintage (2010).

Split Rock Vineyard, Sonoma Coast AVA, Sonoma
Split Rock is located in the Sonoma Coast growing region on the west side of Sonoma Mountain. Its rocky soils combine with winds from the Petaluma Gap to create a challenging growing environment, but one that consistently produces great fruit. Most of the vineyard has optimal southwest exposure and is densely planted with over 2000 vines per acre. For the Chardonnay, clones 95 and 76 are blended to create a complex, complete wine with concentrated fruit and excellent natural acidity.  We have a limited production sparkling wine available which was developed from their Chardonnay grapes (Vintage 2009).

Two Pisces Vineyard, Sonoma Coast AVA, SonomaTwo Pisces Vineyard, Sonoma Coast AVA, Sonoma
This 10-acre bio-dynamically farmed vineyard sits on the southwestern edge of Petaluma. In this section of Sonoma, very chilly ocean breezes and fog are funneled through the Petaluma Gap, keeping temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the county. The moderate rainfall totals and cooler weather conditions are idyllic for growing high-quality Pinot Noir. This rolling hillside property features a variety of Dijon clones planted on 101-14 and SO4 rootstocks. We have a limited production sparkling wine available which was developed from their Pinot Noir grapes (Vintage 2009).  Slightly pink, yummy goodness!