J2W Winemakers: Brad Jacobs, Dianne Gorman & Jeff Clark

J2 Winemaking Team

The J2W winemaking team is committed to making the best value-driven wines possible.  When we say “value-driven” we mean providing our customers with artisan, hand-crafted, small production wines that will rival the cult or premium wines that have received such notoriety in the past, but with a price that is consistent with true value. 

The best demonstration of what true value means to us is a recent conversation about our private reserve cabernet, “our goal is to provide a $100+ bottle of wine at @ $69 price. When we can offer a 30 percent or more reduction from where cult or ultra-premium cabs are priced, we have truly driven value for our customer. 

The next question is how we can drive even more value to our customers in the future; now that’s a worthy quest.” 

The J2W team consists of Brad Jacobs along with our consulting winemakers pictured below.  The winemaking team has varying backgrounds, experience, education, and wine knowledge, but clearly a passion for making great wine.

Brad Jacobs - CEO of J2 Winery

Brad Jacobs

Brad Jacobs is the leader of this group and CEO of J2 Winery.  He has an MBA from the University of New Mexico, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Marketing (University of Utah), Business Management & Accounting (Utah Valley University).  He currently works for a Fortune 500 company as a Director of Programs/VP for a $160M operation with business areas in engineering, information technology, and logistics.  Owning a wine business and vineyard has been a dream of Brad’s for the last 20+ years. When asked at work “How are you doing?” His typical response has been “Living the Dream”; now he can say that with a big smile on his face. He looked extensively at property in Georgia (N. Georgia Mountains northeast of Atlanta where the Georgia wine country is located), New Mexico (where he spent his youth), Temecula, Lodi, Napa Valley and finally in Sonoma where he found a little slice of heaven.

Brad Jacobs - CEO of J2 Winery

Dianne Gorman

Dianne Gorman, the better half of the “Brad and Dianne” duo, is the chief viticulturist for J2 Winery.  Dianne is a 30 year veteran of the insurance business (retired) and now works for a large horticultural company that supplies plants and flowers to retail outlets.  Although she has taken a few UC Davis classes, Dianne will be attending Napa College in the near future to obtain a degree in viticulture. However, Ms. Dianne as she is referred to in Georgia, can effectively grow just about anything.

Brad Jacobs - CEO of J2 Winery

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark is long-time veteran of the life-saving community. Jeff was an EMT growing up in his younger years; then he started his Fire Fighting career with the Park City Fire Service District in 1993, and West Jordan Fire Department in 1995. He joined the Salt Lake City Fire Department in 1996, subsequently becoming a Paramedic a few years later. Jeff is now a Fire Captain at Station 14 with the SLC Fire Department, and involved at the DHS/FEMA level in disaster communications and emergency response to large scale incidents wherever they may happen in the U.S. Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Utah. Jeff has had an affinity for wine as with the rest of the winemaking team. Jeff's main focus at J2 Winery is business operations.